Death Care
& Grief Support

We all die — and that’s ok.
What if we saw death as
something beautiful?

Death and grief can be some of the most difficult things that we experience in this life. Rather than avoiding the inevitable, I believe that we are stronger, healthier, and wiser for facing these profound changes. With support and practice we can allow loss to deepen us, and teach us something vital about love, courage, surrender, and belonging. 


I am an
end-of-life guide,
death doula,
and companion
through grief. 

I provide support through end-of-life transitions, whether it’s simply being present with someone as they’re dying, helping to design a meaningful ceremony to honor one’s life, facilitating burial arrangements, consolidating important paperwork, or navigating the wild territory of grief. 

I also counsel people (at any age or stage of life) through fears or concerns they may have about death. We work together to make the practical and spiritual preparations needed in order to live a life of more lucidity, openness, and ease. 

Another part of my work involves creating & sharing resources and holding community workshops & events to help us all get better at talking about death, dying, and loss. 


It all starts with a conversation. I offer free 30-minute consultations to see if we would be a good fit. Email me at to schedule a phone call.


photo by Zach Becker