Church of Earth is an independent platform offering community events, education, and opportunities to engage with environmental, social, and spiritual challenges in an empowering way. 

This project started as an experimental installation in 2016, born out of a deep need to have conversations about the state of our planet and what it means to be human. Today Church of Earth continues to evolve, exploring themes of healing, zero-waste, direct action, creative visualization, and personal responsibility. 


Past Projects:

Church of Earth Installation: 
The Art Lab, Fort Collins
April 2016

Earthling Shirts
Ongoing since 2015

Earth Day Art Show: 
The Art Lab
April 19-23, 2017

Rep. at Shadow Play workshop: 
The Geller Center, FC
May 2017

Rep. at Heated Climate Rally: 
Colorado State University
May 2017

What Kind of World Do You Want to Live In?: 
Vision Board Art Party
The Geller Center
October 2017

Earthling News!letter: 
Launched in September 2017

‘Begin Within’ Mural: 
The Downtown Artery, FC
December 2017

Earth Visions:
Vision Board Art Party 
The Downtown Artery
December 2017

Church of Earth Zines:
Ongoing since 2016

‘Trust Your Wild Heart’ Mural: 
Welsh Rabbit Bistro, FC
January 2018